Welcome to St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church

The mission of our web site is to provide an instant and accessible forum of information about our parish, its families, our culture and our faith, Orthodox Christianity. It is intended to be educational, informative and spiritual, with the ultimate goal being the spreading of His Word.

We welcome all resident and non-resident Orthodox and non-Orthodox faithful to our church and invite you to join us for altar services, educational programs and events.

St. Demetrios Mission Statement

"To proclaim the Gospel of Christ in the Orthodox Christian Tradition while creating a vibrant, loving, compassionate and supportive community."  

 2018 Citizens of the Year
Congratulations to our 2018 Citizens of the Year,
Heather and Lindsay Stotz and Jim Christo. 

Family Retreat at All Saints Camp
DATES: Saturday, November 17 to Sunday, November 18
AGES: All Families with children 12 and younger

LOCATION: All Saints Camp

COST:  $25 per person

ONLINE REGISTRATION: https://goo.gl/forms/jfsGumXkGIO5Pyi12

ARRIVAL TIME: Arrival at All Saints at 9 am on Saturday. 

DEPARTURE TIME: 3:00pm on Sunday
Myrrh Streaming Iveron Icon in Seattle 
at St Nicholas Cathedral Nov 12-14th, 2018

SAVE THE DATE:  Sunday, December 9 - General Assembly

Nominations accepted for new Parish Counsel members by November 23, 2018.  Please send nominations to KarenSEvans@saintdemetrios.com
Moms, Dads and Tots at Disney on Ice
Ministry Sunday
Sunday, November 18 

Did you know that St Demetrios has nearly 50 ministries?  The ministries range from helping others to educating our parishioners to social gatherings.  Ministry Sunday is a terrific time to find out more.
Please join us in the large hall after Divine Liturgy on November 18th for Ministry Sunday.  Several ministries will have a representative available for questions and discussion. 
Ministry Sunday isn't the only way to find out more or get involved.  Each year your stewardship packet contains a ministry brochure and a commitment card.  Please consider joining a ministry to grow your faith and engage in our community.
Sunday School News
Be a part of the Sunday School Christmas Play
Annual Christmas Play:  
All Sunday School Students are invited to participate in "Just a Little Christmas", our Sunday School Christmas Play on Sunday, December 23rd after church.  Children are needed as Narrators, Actors, Singers and Musicians.  SIGN UP ONLINE!
The following parts are open:
Wise Men, Sheep, Cow, Donkey, Emperor, Shepherd.
Musicians to play:  The First Noel, Away in the Manger, Silent Night, Hark the Herald Angels Sing and Joy to the World.
Announcement for Sunday School Students and Parents
We have been asked to be extra quiet and respectful as we line up for Holy Communion.   Thank you in advance for your cooperation!
Husky Parking is NOT Available
Parking lot is closed due to event at the parish

Unfortunately, Parking is NOT Available for  
Saturday, November 17
Bookstore News
Christmas Items have Arrived

The Nativity of our Lord is just 6 weeks away.  Come visit the Bookstore to see the new Christmas items, including gorgeous Nativity icons and Christmas themed children's books. 
Special items include, the family book and ornament set, Welcoming the Christ Child.  The book takes you on a 40 day countdown  to Christmas with a daily scripture reading and matching ornament that you can hang on an Advent calendar or tree.  The book includes questions and answers to encourage family discussion. 
Need a special gift for toddlers?  Little Saints wood blocks are designed for tiny hands and introduce the heroes of our faith.  One side has a drawing of a Saint and the other side has a prayer or story of the Saint.  The blocks are made of maple wood and have the images UV printed with non-toxic ink (no peeling stickers).  
St. Demetrios Bookstore 
Greek Dance News
Wreath & Candy Fundraisers 
Wreaths will be on sale each Sunday during coffee hour. For questions or more information please contact Linda Kyrimis at
Order by November 18th to receive on Sunday, December 2nd. 

All dancers are selling See's Candy now through December 10th.  Find a dancer..... buy some candy. 

Dancers will be available on Sundays to take your order or contact  Sophia Katinas.
Sanity through Prayer and Fellowship
Moms, Dads and Tots monthly gathering: Tuesday, November 27

This will be a time where moms or dads can come and gather through prayer and fellowship with their fellow parent-friends and their kids. Please join us in Saint Demetrios's small hall from 12:30 -2:30 pm, on Tuesday, Novmeber 27.  (Please bring your own lunch :) Next meeting date is Tuesday, December 18th
Parish Council Elections
Saturday, December 9
, and attend a Parish Council Seminar held by Fr. Photios at the Church office on Monday, November 26

What you must be - according to the Archdiocesan Uniform Parish Regulations and our own Parish By-Laws:

* You must be eighteen years old or older;
* You must be a baptized and/or chrismated Orthodox Christian;
* You must live your life according to the faith and canons of the Orthodox Church;
* You must meet your financial obligation to the Parish; and must have done so at least one  year prior to the date of election;
* You must abide by the Uniform Parish Regulations and the Parish By-Laws;
* You must attend an Interview/Orientation Session with the priest prior to the elections.

What you must not be - according to the same documents as quoted above:

* You must not retain membership in a non-Orthodox religion, nor in an "Orthodox" parish which defies the jurisdiction or the ecclesiastical authority of the Archdiocese;
* You must not deliberately disregard nor transgress the moral law as may be determined by a Spiritual Court;
* You must not be a salaried employee of the Parish.

What does living your life "according to the faith and canons of the Church" imply?

Chapter I, Article VII, Section 6, of our Parish By-Laws:
"The religious, moral, and social duties of a parishioner are to apply the tenets of the Orthodox Faith to his or her life and activities, to attend the Divine Liturgy and other Services of worship faithfully on Sundays and Holy Days, to keep the rules and fasts of the Orthodox Tradition, to receive frequently the Sacraments of Penance and Holy Communion, to train and teach the youth according to the Faith and Spirit of Orthodoxy, to respect the Clergy, the ecclesiastical authority, and all governing bodies of the Church, to be obedient in matters of faith and ecclesiastical order, and to cooperate in every way towards the welfare and prosperity of the Parish and the success of its Sacred Mission"
Orthodox Youth Winter Retreat
Registration Ends on December 12

We welcome all Orthodox Junior High and High School Youth and their friends to an opportunity for growth in spirit through worship, prayer, good food and games! Please join us on Saturday, January 19 through Monday, January 21, 2019.
Please join Father Michael Gillis, pastor of Holy Nativity Orthodox Church, and Chris Hawthorne, Youth Worker, for the 2019 Orthodox Youth Winter Retreat!

Registration is OPEN and ends on December 12th. 
Go to: www.tinyurl.com/orthodoxretreat to sign up!!  Cost $130 (subsidized by a generous donation!)   Questions?  Contact orthodoxretreat@gmail.com
Greeks in Washington
Internship Opportunity
with Greeks in Washington

The Greek-American Historical Museum of Washington State (Greeks in Washington) www.greeksinwashington.org, is a "virtual museum" that has been in operation since 2009.  During that time an archive of over 700 items has been established which contains photographs, documents, artifacts, costumes and more. The archive is located at the Greek Orthodox Church of the Assumption on Capitol Hill in Seattle.
This project will seek to accomplish the following tasks under the title of "Promoting the Archive" and can serve as a thesis or "capstone" project.
The person selected for this project will perform one or more of the following tasks and may develop additional tasks related to the mission of Greeks in Washington.

An initial stipend is available for this project and additional funds will be obtained as the project develops. 

CONTACT:  John Nicon, 206-325-8554  or info@greeksinwashington.org 
GOYA Luncheon
Sunday, December 4 in the Fr. Homer Library
All GOYAns (youth in grades 7 - 12) are invited to our monthly GOYA meeting on Sunday, December 7 after Divine Liturgy in the Fr. Homer Library.
Yiayias & Friends Luncheon
Thursday, December 6 at Varlamos Pizza
Our December Yiayias & Friends luncheon will be held on Thursday, December 6 at Varlamos Pizzeria, located at 3615 NE 45th.  Since December 6 is the Feast Day of St. Nicholas, we will meet for lunch after Divine Liturgy, at approximately 12:00 noon. There will be a gift exchange for those who wish to participate.  If you bring a gift, you can take a gift.  Gifts should be around $10.00.
For reservations or questions, please contact Mary Damascus, preferably by email at mndamascus@comcast.net or 509-951-2975.
Everyone is welcome--you don't have to be a Yiayia to join us!!!
Papouthes Group News
To be announced
Our next Papouthes group luncheon will be announced soon. Those that wish to carpool may meet at St. Demetrios at 11:00 am. Please RSVP so we can let the restaurant know how many seats to reserve. Thanks! 
For reservations or questions, please contact Manuel Tramountanas at 206-783-4466 or agapemom@hotmail.com
2018 Parish Christmas Card

You are cordially invited to join us and send Christmas Greetings to all our Parishioners and Friends on our St. Demetrios mailing list.
Please email your name as you wish it to appear on the Christmas Card before the deadline (Tuesday, December 14th, 2018). Please mail your donation of $20 payable to: St. Demetrios-Christmas Card to St. Demetrios.
Call the church office with your information and pay by phone with a credit card.  Call 206-631-2500

Thank you for your support and for the love and joy you share with the other Parishioners.
Contact Pam Plumis for Tickets at pplumis@comcast.net
St. Photios Greek Orthodox Shrine
Annual Essay Contest
with Greeks in Washington

The St. Photios Foundation, Inc. invites all 13-19 year olds to submit a 1,000 word essay to the St Photios Essay Committee for the annual Essay Contest. 
Essay writers may choose between the following two topics: There are many historic and sacred sites throughout the world. What makes St. Photios Greek Orthodox National Shrine a historic and significant site for Orthodox Christians? 
Virtually every American born in the United States can trace their history to an ancestor who was first to arrive in America. Compare and contrast your family's Immigrant history with the immigrant history of the Greeks who came to the New World under the British Indentured Servitude Act in 1768. 

For more information visit www.stphotios.org.  Submissions accepted through January 7, 2019.  Results posted February 1, 2019.
Press Releases from the Archdiocese
Click Here for a report on the Archdicesan Council Meeting. 

Click Here for the Phase II report of the outside auditors on the St. Nicholas Church Shrine project. While no firm date has been set for the restart of construction, the report indicates no one at the Archdiocese benefited personally from the project and there is no evidence of any fraud. It is also noted that all monies "borrowed" from the St. Nicholas account have been repaid with interest.  

Click Here for a report on the Holy Eparchial Synod meeting.  Please note that our San Francisco Metropolis Chancellor, His Grace Bishop Apostolos is moving to NY to be Chief Secretary of the Holy Eparchial Synod. 
2018 Church Directory
Digital Version Available
digital version of the 2018 Church Directory is available for all stewards. For more information, visit http://www.saintdemetrios.com/stewardship/directory
Complete your 2018 Stewardship Commitment ONLINE.

H e l p  u s  C o m p o s t  a t  S t .  D e m e t r io s

ALL compostable coffee cups (see picture) need to be thrown away in the Compost Bins at our Church.   

Every Sunday the trash bin is filled with paper cups that can be composted.  It saves the Church loads of money to switch from garbage to compost.

Compost bins are GREEN.  Please throw paper towels, paper cups, paper plates and food leftovers in the compost bins.   If it isn't Plastic or Metal or Glass...we must compost it.